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Driving directions.

Take Highway 6 south (Upper James) through Caledonia, Hagersville,

Jarvis to Port Dover. In Port Dover Hwy 6 turns right just after you cross the draw bridge.

Take Hwy 6 out of Port Dover until it ends at Hwy 24. Turn Left.

Drive down Hwy 24 till its ends at a Stop sign, (Hwy 59).

Turn Left. Hwy 59 takes you to Long Point.

When you see the my Cottage sign turn right into my driveway.

Average driving time 90 minutes.

For those of you with GPS's goto

42' 34.833 North
80' 25.108 West

You take HWY 6 south out of Hamilton, through Caledonia, Hagersville and Jarvis, and on through to Port Dover.

This is the cottage, 128 Woodstock Avenue, 586-7015

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